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LibTar iconTAR ("tape archive") files are a way of archiving several files in one single file. The tar format is widely used in Unix and Linux operating systems. It does not compress the files, however popular compression tools like WinZip can read and write tar files.

With LibTar you can read and write tar files from your Delphi application, i.e. you can list and extract the files in a tar, and you can create new tar files.

NOTE that filenames in tar can be up to 100 bytes long. LibTar does currently not support the ././@LongLink records that allow files in the tarball to have longer filenames.


File Version IDE Download
LibTar, with documentation and demos 2.1.2, 2014-06-23 D5..D2007 (Win32)
D2009/2010/XE... (Unicode)
K1+ (Linux)
No .NET!


Date Version Changes
2014-06-23 2.1.2 64-Bit Seek operations, CurFilePos as Int64. Thanks to Andódy Csaba for the fixes.
2011-05-23 2.1.1 A new $DEFINE in the USES clause for Delphi 5. Current versions of the demo sources so everything works with the Unicode Delphis. Thanks to Jan from Poland and to Jim D for providing code and tests.
2010-11-29 2.1.0 WriteTarHeader: Mode values for ftNormal/ftLink/ftSymbolicLink/ftDirectory (Thanks to Iouri Kharon for the fix)
Support for Unicode Delphi versions (2009, 2010, XE, etc.)
2007-05-16 2.0.8 Bugfix in TTarWriter.AddFile: Apply ConvertFilename also to the TarFilename (this converts backslashes to slashes, so there will be no problems when writing out a file on a Unix/Linux system). Thanks to Chris Rorden for submitting this.
2006-03-13 2.0.7 Bugfix in ReadFile (Buffer : POINTER). Thanks to Torsten for submitting this bug.
2005-09-03 2.0.6 Reader: Avoided to access SourceStream.Size, because compressed Streams don't know their size
2002-05-18 2.0.5 Kylix awareness: Thanks to Kerry L. Davison for the changes
2001-12-25 2.0.4 WriteTarHeader: Fill Rec with zero bytes before filling it
2001-11-13 2.0.3  Bugfix: Take out ClearDirRec call from WriteTarHeader
Bug Reported by Tony BenBrahim
2001-10-25 2.0.2 Introduced the ClearDirRec procedure
2001-09-06 2.0.1 Bugfix in TTarArchive.FindNext: FBytesToGo must sometimes be 0
2001-06-19 2.0.0 TTarWriter added
2001-04-28 1.0.0 First Release